Thursday, April 28, 2016

Back in the saddle

Seems like this whole month has been a little off track.  I got home from Oregon on the 11th, and have been going from one thing to another to another, but haven't felt like I've gotten much of anything accomplished.  I have it's just been scattered. :)  So finally finally I feel like I have had some time to sew this week.  So to re-cap from where I left off.  I took the class on the 16th called Paint box with Bettye Shepperd.  When I left the class I had the box parts sewn but not sewn together.
Last weekend I worked on sewing the rows together and got a couple going.
Here it is finished, however I may be adding to it and making it into a lap sized quilt or baby size quilt.   I want to add a solid black border around the whole thing then build another layer of the blocks around that.  I'll keep you posted on that.  

So that felt good to get that far on that - sorta finished.

I was also able to prep my next block for the the "Let it Snow"  BOM from Buttermilk Basin.  

Here is the next block - "I" 

Then I have also been working on some charity quilts.  I've gotten two tops made.

So I now feel like I'm getting back into the swing of sewing.  I'm working on a third charity quilt top. This one was very nicely put together with coordinating fabric and instructions.  Sweet! 
I've got 1/2 of the blocks made they just need to be trimmed. 

Below is the second color sewn on the focus fabric ready to be cut into blocks. 

We need to run some errands and take the dogs for their shots.  So after I get back home I plan on working to finish this top up too.  
Hope you have a blessed day.

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