Sunday, May 1, 2016

May Day and Goals Met and Set

As I think I posted in my last post - April has been a blur.
First - I went on "Kation" with my Sister

and got to see my Dad
Love him so so much!

Then I got to go and see my kids and grand kids. 
And got to spend an extra couple of days with my youngest daughter and her two kids. 
We had a slumber party in the motel room.
Then I spent the rest of the time with my Sister.  
Then when I came home I just haven't gotten back in the groove yet.  But lets see how I did on my goals for the month.  

1. My Scavenger Hunt Block - Tree, Purple and Frog.  Complete, here is my Purple Tree Frog.

2.  Buttermilk Basin "T" Block Stitched and "I" Block prepped.   1/2 Completed.  I did not get very far on the stitching of the T block, but I did get the I block prepped.  


3. SNR Paint box workshop.  Get 1/2 done.  Complete.

I posted about it a couple of times Here and Here.  But here is the finished top. (Unless I add to it) I'm thinking of adding a black border and then adding another set of boxes.  Hmmm I'll get back to you on that.

4.  Gifts - Continue on with the gift making.  I worked on the sewing mat for my friend Ronni and almost got it done.  I finished the binding and then added a wool applique.    Seems like a cheat but I am continuing so I'll say Goal Met.    :) 

5.  UFO - Buster - This month was Porch Time.  I posted about it here and showed my beginning progress.  Well I only got to work on it one day but I did make progress I got the hand sewn on - so Goal Met

6.  Quilt Something -  Wha Wha Wha... No go it didn't happen.  :(

7.  Primitive Garden BOM - Well that went sideways.  My friend and I were all geared up talking about working on this together on Fridays which I thought would help me get going on it. But (get the cheese - the whining is starting) that is my only day to do my other UFO's - so I would not be doing them. And then she got pulled off that due to a relative needing a quilt for a wedding or something SOOOO.... we have put this on hold for now and nothing got done on it at all.  :(.  

8. Blog 4-8 times -  Ya got that one this time.  Goal Met.

9.  Trip Project - Just for fun do something.  I prepped so much stuff, I even knew I wouldn't get to hardly any of it - but hey better safe than sorry.  AND - I was delayed in the airport for 4 or 5 hours so I got to work on the one stitchery.  And I've worked on it this month and almost have it done.  

10.   NLIP -  (Not Like I Planned)  An Unplanned want to.  Well I completed this and Goal Met in two ways on this one.  One I did part of the Ducks because I wanted to. 

And Unplanned - I worked on Charity Quilts. I got 2 and 1/2 tops made for the CRQ guild. 

And the half one: Just need to sew rows together and put on the borders.

So for the month of  April - 7 goals met,1 half met and 2 not even.  So 75%..... hmm C maybe C+.  
Okay Lets see what we can do in May. 

 May Goals

1. Scavenger Block - Sunbonnet Sue - Queen of Hearts and Embroidered Block.  Not totally sure how I'm going to do this but I may paint part of it like I did the frog. 

2. Buttermilk Basin  Finish "T" Block  and "I"  Block  (pictured above) and prep the next "T" Block.

3. Work on gifts!  Towels, Scissor Fobs - need to make progress on gifts to give. Finish Ronni's Mat by Retreat time. Then I  want to also paint another block and make it into a wall hanging for a friend.  So this may be my gift goal for this month.  

4. Quilt something.  Not sure what just get some quilting done. I keep saying Bee Hive Baby, but maybe I need to pick something else to get me going. :)  Here are a few that already pin basted - so I just need to get going on them.  

5.  UFO's  APQ random ufo buster # 7  Which is too funny.  Because I am doing 6 UFO's for 2 month's each #7 is the same as #1.  Which is the same as last month.  :)   Porch Time.  As always the goal is to make progress.  Beginning status pictured above. 
 Here's what was done in April and where I will start for May.

6.  Retreat Projects - Make Progress - Yep got another retreat going on.  May 19 - 21. Back in February when the power went out on us - well they offered us free rooms because of that - So what do you do with a free room?  Well we book a new retreat.  :)   I reserve the right to change my mind but as it stands now I am planning on taking my very old "Quilt as you go" Quilt to finish up.  

 Next I am planning to continue on with the "Snowman Collector" that I took to the retreat in February.     I have one more block to applique and top stitch and then I can start making the sashing and borders.

 Then my friend Ronni and I wanted to work on the Row by Row kit from our local quilt shop.

I'm sure I'll bring more stuff to work on and not sure what that will be - but I'll let you know.

7.  Charity!
7a. I want to finish up the 1/2 quilt (pictured above) that I've got going on for the CRQ guild.
7b. Along with that I need to work on some charity stuff for the SNR guild.  Here are some orphan blocks I'm going to sew together to make a couple of tops.

7c. Bonus Points -  If I get the quilt made for SNR  then quilt it.

8.  Blog 7-10 times.

I also have company coming for a weekend and we are helping our friends relocate the local quilt shop - so I have other things going on in the background, that are going to use up some of my days and weekends.  I think this is enough for now and not sure I'll get to all of this. But I can try. :)

I'll keep you posted - Have a Blessed day

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