Thursday, May 5, 2016

Ribbons and Bows

Actually it is flowers of Ribbon.  Today was my ribbon embroidery class.  How fun!  And I can have all sorts of fun with this.  Now I can think of all sorts of new stuff to create.   Here are some close up pictures of a quilt that Rhonda (the teacher) embellished with ribbons and beads.

Click into the images to see the detail.

And here is a picture of the sampler that our instructor made for the class. These are the flowers we learned how to make.

Easy Peasy right?  Actually it's not as hard as you would think.   If you know how to hand embroider then you can do this..  Here is a picture of my Iris's.

Not wonderful but not horrible for my first try either.

Here are my Forget - me - nots.  They need a yellow center added.
Here are my Foxglove and my Black-eyed Susan's.  The Black-eyed Susan's should be yellow, but we didn't have very much of that and they still need their black centers.  

I will be going to the cottage tomorrow and will of course be working on this a little bit more.  I was going to work on my UFO, however I want to keep going on this to cement it in or it too will be another UFO.  :)   

I will of course post updated photo's of my progress.    
Have a Blessed evening - Lynn 

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