Saturday, May 14, 2016

Flimsy Explosion

My goal, or one of them was to work on my charity quilts for each guild.  For the CRQ Guild, I can make tops and they have someone to quilt them.  For the SNR Guild,  I make the quilts and quilt them.  However, I did find out recently that we do have someone that will quilt them for SNR guild too. I didn't think we did and was using these for practicing my free motion quilting.  So I will be quilting at least a couple of the tops I made for SNR.  So without further delay -

CRQ Flimsy's

I have already turned this one in to CRQ
And this one - 

Here is the final quilt top for CRQ.  (For now anyway)  :)  I still have a bag of strips of varying sizes that I'm sure I can easily get 4 more quilt tops out of.  But that will be down the road a little. 

Next - are the quilt tops I have ready for SNR.  I had and still have a bunch of orphan blocks that were donated to the guild.  Here are the quilt tops that I have made with them so far.  

Here is the first one I put together from the orphan blocks.  There were so many colors involved in this hard to decide what to do.  The picture doesn't pick it up very well but here it is.  I  still need to get the back prepared for this one. 

This next one had challenges - the blocks were sewn together any which way.  Some matched some didn't.  Some started with a 1/2" seam and ended with a 1" seam.  Some 1/8th inch to 3/4".  Some pressed open some to the side.  All in one block.  :)  So I trimmed them to a common sized added a border and it will be a crazy quilt.  I figured with the consistency of the borders it will all flow.  Yesterday I prepared a back for this one and so it will be one that I quilt.  

I have more of these blocks and parts of these blocks that didn't get finished.  I think I'll put them together in a similar fashion and thought I could even put a large simple applique on it, and back it with flannel for a baby quilt.

This next one - was a dream after the last one.   Each block was exactly 9".  Happy Dance.  I probably could have made a cute design with these but oh well, just get it done.  I got the back prepared for this one yesterday also.  

So I guess with all these flimsy's I guess I better get to quilting.  I will need to sandwich these and then I can get to quilting.  Sounds easy enough, maybe once I get these sandwiched I can make a goal of only quilting for a month.  But that's another story.  :)

We have company coming in this weekend so I don't think I'll be doing much sewing for the next couple days so glad I got all this done for now.

Have a Blessed day.  

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