Sunday, June 19, 2016

Weeks recap and update

Having fun and getting stuff done.  Feels good I tell ya.  :)    Okay so the thing I've been working on the most is the train quilt and .... you'll have to read on to see if it's done.  ha ha.

Okay - when I left off I had started some of the inside of the train quit then we left for Vegas and then relaxed for a couple of days and then back at it.

Friday the 11th - I worked on my Christmas quilt and was able to finish the Santa Block

Then I worked on the Bell Block -

And then the Sleigh Block

After I got home I printed out and prepped the 1st Block in a new Quilt A Long over at Moda.  Called Bee-Utiful QAL.   Here is their first block:

Here is my first Block:
(I actually didn't finish it until  Thursday)

Then on Saturday the 11th I worked more on quilting of the train quilt.  I got all of the inside done.  Now to do the borders.  That will include the lettering and to quilt a train track.

Sunday the 12th -
I laid it out and stared at it off and on Saturday evening and all the sudden I realize I had quilted clouds in an area that I thought was sky.... but it wasn't.

So I took that out and re-quilted that area in a different way.

After that I worked on the letter and I got about 1/2  of the borders done just a little more to go.

Monday the 13th:  Continued working on quilting I finished the lettering made tracks and quilted the wheels on the trains.

Tuesday the 14th: I had the guild meeting so had to do some paperwork for that and then finished the quilting of the train quilt and got the binding on. :)    Ya - Just in time for Show N Tell at the meeting.

Wednesday the 15th:   Well I've been looking for a hunk of material that a friend gave me and needs a piece of it back. It's red and white check with Ants on it.  I thought I knew where I put it, in a bin - but no I just can find.  So as I keep looking I start cleaning up this and that and organizing.  Then I organize my wool that I meant to do a couple of weeks ago.  Then I prepped my next Buttermilk Basin Block that I thought was supposed to come out last month on the 3rd Friday - Well it came out on the first Friday of this month so not sure - but they may be sending out a 2nd one this month.  Any way here's the block.

Then I prepped a Turtle block I've been wanting to do for a while.

Then I Stitched on the T Block and the Bee Block.

Oh and I finished the embroidery that I started in April and so I put a back on it and I'm going to make a little pillow out of it.

Thursday the 16th:  I did a little more organizing - and started sorting and wrapping some of my scrap embroidery thread.  I  used to cross stitch big projects and when I would get done with one I would put the thread in this bottom bin.  And when I just need a small amount of floss for something I'll dig through here and pick out some.  (Rats nest really)

Well low and behold I started wrapping them around the little plastic cards.  It didn't make a dent.  But I would stitch a little and wrap a little - I had fun so I guess that's all that counts.
Then I got stuff ready to take to the Cottage for Friday and Saturday.  Friday is our normal sew day and it charity day.  I'm going to work on my baby quilt that I am hand quilting.  And also I want to sandwich and pin a couple of the charity tops I made so I can get them quilted.

Friday - Well I got help pinning the quilts so I did get two pinned and ready to go.  I would have gotten the 3rd one done but I forgot the backing. Then I was just going to use some other backing from the charity closet but we ran out of my basting pins. So that's okay it will take a little while to do these two anyway.  After that I worked on the hand quilting of the baby quilt.

Saturday  - Well today is the 3rd Saturday that we used get together and have  a potluck and sew at the quilt shop. Well since the shop isn't close by anymore we are gathering at the Cottage.  It was great fun.  I made a pillowcase to go with the train quilt.

Then I worked on a wall hanging for my friend and neighbor.  She loves Bee's and Beehives and dragonflies..

That was it. I just need to put the binding on and then It will be done.  Then I'll need to have a binding party to hand sew the binding on it and the train quilt so they are completely done.  I'll be home for the next few days and there is an ecessive heat advisory so I guess that means I'll need to stay in and play with my quilting.  Ah Shucks.  :)
Have a Blessed day and I'll keep you posted on what I do next.

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