Thursday, January 7, 2016

Levi's Quilt Revisited

I'm revisiting Levi's quilt so that I link up to Tuesday's Archives with Val 

A friend of my husband found this top in his Mothers closet when she passed way.  His Sister was just going to throw it way, however Levi wanted to keep it.  He remembered his Mom and Grandma, working on it when he was a little boy around 1968 and wanted to keep it as a memento. 

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When I got the quilt - it was in pretty bad shape.  It was 1/2 hand sewn and 1/2 by machine and it was not all squared and the points did not match.  I was made from all types of material, cotton, polyester, satin, linen, and there were even some pieces that were made out of something that felt similar to a Handi-wipe.  

Anyway I repaired what I could with-out remaking it and did a simple cross hatch and bound it.  Although it still has flaws - and was not my choice of materials or colors - knowing the pleasure it gave them when I got it done - It's one of my favorite finishes. 

Have a Blessed Day!

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  1. Throw it away!!! Oh my!! I loved that you saved it and it continues to bring all the fabrics it's made from too.