Friday, January 1, 2016

Welcome 2016

Good Morning and Happy New year - 

We did make it up until the stroke of Midnight and a few minutes after and that was about it.  In fact I think Hubby and I are close to taking a nap right about now - because hey your body says "Hello - it's 6 am".   And since we were across the river in Nevada it was 5:30 there and 6:30 our regular time so when I did look at the clock it was only 5:30 am Nevada time.  Oh well 5 hours of sleep should be plenty - we did it when we were younger right?   Pausing to laugh really hard.  

Okay short and sweet.  All People Quilts, posted their random number for the 2016 UFO Buster and it was #2.  Which on this years list is "Folk Art Gathering".  Last year when this came around I think was able to do the embroidery of the alphabet on a couple of blocks, but no major progress.  This year, my UFO busting was in the Bonus category so not sure I'll get much more done this year either.  Hmm I may have to list this one twice.  :)  

Okay here is the before picture and we'll have to wait and see what the after looks like and if I was able to make progress.  I want to note that the stitching around all of the letters is not complete and that may be what I am able to work on while watching TV in the evenings with my honey.  

Have a wonderful day and a very Blessed Year!

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