Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Wavy Lines

Just wanted to make a quick post of what I've been up to.  Monday I was able to start the quilting on the Big Military Quilt.  Actually it is for a Veteran facility that helps Veterans that have PTSD or Substance addictions.  Anyway our guild offered to make several of the quilts so they would have one for each of the beds when they open.  And since we are making so many there are not enough people that want to do the quilting of the tops.  So I on my little domestic machine said I would go ahead and quilt it - but it was too big to do any fancy stuff or even practice my free motion quilting on.  (63 x 87) I told them I would just do wavy lines,  and so I am.  It's not fancy but a finished quilt is warmer than a fancy perfect quilt.  (that's my story and I'm sticking to it) 

Here's a shot of the whole bottom.  

My goal for the month was to get started and get at least a 1/3 of the quilting  done.  In the picture below I've made little arrows to show how far I got with the wavy lines.  So I guess I met the goal. 


I was waving away - so to speak, and thought I would get more of it done, however my Sister came over and we have some projects that we are doing together so this quilt got put aside and out came some other projects.  :)

We have a Table Topper and a mixer cover that needs to be finished before she leaves on January 19th.  These are the fabrics we are making the table topper out of.  

Then we also need to construct the backing for the Raggedy Ann Quilt and get it quilted and bound. Our family friends that were waiting for a baby to adopt, got their baby girl.  They don't know we are doing it but don't want to delay too much on that either.  

Today we have a couple things going on and then we hope to come back here and get started on piecing the table topper together.  

Have a Blessed day - Lynn 

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