Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Acorns Oak Leaves and a Moose

I'm not entirely sure where the weekend went.  I know I spent the whole day with Hubby on Saturday and then Sunday I did some domestic chores - and now it is Tuesday.  But I digress - on Friday and yesterday I made some progress on my goals, yay!  And strangely, I made progress on a goal that I hadn't listed.  Hmmm how did that happen. Sunday I needed to wrap some meat and get it in the freezer and do some cleaning. Once I got that done, I had a little time left before starting dinner to start the quilting on my SNR guild Fall wall hanging.   Here it is finished except the hand stitching of the binding.  

I have really enjoyed these small projects to work on some new quilting designs (new to me) and practice.  That's what I need, practice.   So I want to share some of my little victories.  Oak leafs and Acorns, free motion quilted. 

I played with the filters to see if I could make the pictures above so you can see the quilting.   

So this was on my mental goal list but some how did not end up on my written list.  Never the less it is done for the most part and I'm happy with it. 

Next I top stitched this little kitchen towel for a gift.  I don't think my friend is into Moose, but I thought it was cute so now whenever she hangs it she can think of me.  

And then I started on my Christmas wall hanging.   I put a simple border around and then started some quilting on it.  This is where I left it yesterday.  

 I want to do a swirl in each corner.  That is what I started to do in the right bottom when two things happened.  One I didn't dip low enough for my return above the swirl. Second I ran out of bobbin thread.   So I was in the process of ripping that out when my honey called to say he was heading home from the golf course. 

Oh but I forgot to tell you about my UFO busting that I worked on on Friday.  I did the top stitching on these blocks.  The Bee hive was already stitched, but I added a bee.  You got to have a bee with a hive.  There's 3 of the 7 I want to get done.
 That brings you up to date on where I'm at for my quilting.  I have a big interruption in my planned goals with another project that came up.  We're having some guests for Christmas.  My Sister, Brother-in-law and his Dad are coming for dinner.  So I am making a new table topper for glass dinning table.  I'm using a panel so I hope it goes quick.  I will show pictures of that next time.  
Today, my plan is to go to the gym and then put together some bookshelves we got for my sewing room.  Then I'm sure I will be spending some time organizing and filling them up.   

Blessings to all, 

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