Monday, May 1, 2017

May there be Sewing

It's that time again - time to bring out the score card and the wish lists.  How did I do?
1. Bag Lady #4  Gertrude - Vickie - I of course need to finish last months first.  :)
So here they both are -  March - Milicent/Cheryl. 
 April's Bag Lady - Gertrude/Vickie

2.  UFO's 
   2a.    APQ   UFO # 11.  This is "Pennies from Heaven"  -  No Progress!
   2b.   Bear Quilt - Work on it - "Make Progress"  -   No Progress! 

3.   Goal Met: CRQ Guild workshop - Need to finish instructions and make sample props.  "Sweet Tweet" 
4.  Goal Met:  Fuse and top stitch the next pictures on the Dresden Plate BOM from Quilt Doodle Doodles.   Not sure what they will be.  :)   A chicken and a cow.  

5.  Goal Met:  Charity - CRQ: Guild - Homeless Travel Kit.  

5B - Charity - SNR Guild - Dog Beds.  We completed 24.  I sewed 7 and then spent 4 hours cutting scraps for stuffing them.  
6.  Goal Met:  Labyrinth Walk Quilt. I am taking a class on the 6th to make this quilt.  -  I didn't post a goal for this - typically if I'm taking a class I say "Start" it - So I'll say I got a good start  on it   :)  I am adding 3 additional borders to make it king size.  I only have 2 more to go.  

I didn't work on my UFO's at all this month - but I did get lots done.   So I'm pretty pleased with it.   I also had a day where I made a bunch of little items that weren't on my goal list.  You can read about them here.

  Okay well what is up for this month
1. Bag Lady #5  Hildigard/Katie

2.  UFO'S:  
  2A  APQ UFO # 2  - Ruby Red Dot.  Starting Status all blocks are done and some of the sashing blocks are sewn together.  - Goal is make progress. 
  2B  Bears -  Goal - make progress - get some of the grasss and trees placed on background. 
3.  Dresden Plates - Lilacs and Angel Food Cake.  Goal:  Fuse and top stitch these blocks. Here are the pictures from the pattern. I am doing mine in brights. 
4.  Charity  
    4A  SNR Guild - More Dog Beds  (Pictured Above) 
    4B  CRQ Guild  - Welcome bags for new Teachers  Pictures later.

5.  Labyrinth Quilt - Finish the top.  (Pictured above)  Bonus points if I can get it pinned and start quilting.

6.  SNR Guild Craft Fair - Each member was given a bundle of fabric to make something to be sold at the craft fair next fall.  This is the fabric I was given.  I think I'll make a table topper or 4 place mats.  Anyway I need to make something with it and turn it in.  
 I think that is enough for this month.  I know I will be doing little extra's that come along - so those can be my bonus points.  :)  
I'm going to quit talking about all this and get at it.  Have a great day and month. 
Blessings -  Lynn 

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