Monday, April 10, 2017

Little Things

Some days I work and work and can't get anything done.  Then others with really no effort I seem to go from one thing to another and say Next -Next.  Yesterday was one of those days.  I worked on a bunch of stuff, some of which came out of the blue but it was fun to accomplish a few little tings. 
 First of up is this carrot bag.  A few ladies have been making them and so I wanted to try.  I wish I had done sooner and then I could have sent to my great nieces.  But they do have their little bunny bags.  
Second up was a dog bed.  Got in the drawer for a piece of material and saw this figured I've got a bunch of scraps building up. So here's a new dog bed.
Next up - a kitchen towel for my friends husband.  I told her a long time ago that I would make a towel that he could hang on the oven handle.  I hadn't done it yet and she was asking another friend of ours if she could crochet one.  Oops - that got me in gear.  
Then I started this wool applique on Friday but the fusible was not cooperating so I worked on it some more and got it fused on. 
Then I saw this block that I made in a workshop about a year ago - and I've been thinking I could make it into a cover for a pillow I have.  Then I could use it for my embroidery pillow I lean on when I hand stitch.  So here's the pillow.  
And last but not least I finished up the evening stitching on my March Bag Lady - This one is kicking my Booty.  I have no idea why it is taking me so long.  Maybe too many other hand stitching projects lately and not just this one.  Anyway I need to get her done so I can start April's Bag Lady and hopefully get her done in April.  
Well that was all of my little things for yesterday.   Today I want to work on the labyrinth quilt and see If I can get a few more blocks made. I'll let you know.
Have a Blessed day!

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