Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Quilt Las Vegas 2017

Here are some of my photo's from visiting the Desert Quilter's of Nevada show.   

Disclaimer - I am not a professional photographer, I did not document the person or persons making these quilts.  I took these photo's for my own pleasure and for sharing my likes and admiration of other peoples talents.  
(In fact I took a picture of a quilt I liked and found out it was made by a friend of mine.)  I don't have just one genre in the quilting world. I like primitive, modern, whimsical, art quilts.  I do favor applique over traditional and I like a more cute type of primitive than hard core folk art.  

Okay -
The next couple of quits stood out to me - they are adorned with hundreds of seed beads and bling.  The time that must have taken.  

Now look at this one.  All done with beads 
I had to take a picture of this one - my Sister loves Giraffe's.

This next one is simple but striking.   One thing I noticed about a lot of the quilts on display - they had lots and lots of quilting on them.  Look at all the pebbles on this one. 
This one was just cute - however I thought it was also neat that they thought out side of the box in putting all the animal buttons on it.  

This first one was awesome with use of color and the balance of quilting to go with the flames.  So creative.  

 Not sure what this next one is supposed to be.  Probably should have read the card.  :)
Isn't this cute?
When I grow up - I want to be able to Free Motion Quilt - like it is in this next quilt.  Beautiful!

 Here's my friends quilt. :)

These next three look so familiar, hmm I wonder why - oh ya they are shamefully UFO's in my closet.  Two of them are 1/2 done and one about 1/5. 
See what I mean about the cuter primitive.  

The next few quilts were just impressive either in quilt design, or the actual quilting on them. 

I love applique and do a lot of it both by hand and fusible machine.  In fact I just took a class on doing invisible machine applique. I do not have an embroidery machine that does this type of embroidery applique, however I did like this quilt. (close ups below)  Maybe because I have a few friends that love chickens.  
 Then next quilt appealed to my Art Quilting side.
 And for my dog loving side.  

I did take a few more photo's but this covers most of what really sparked my fancy - EXCEPT....... My bad friend took me to a bad vendor.  Which in turn caused me to be bad.  
Ha ha ha ha.  I did pick up some new patterns to do in my spare time. I just found out about this lady and I tell you her style matches a lot of what I like.  Obviously since I bought almost one of everything she had. Just kidding (I think)  *Wink*  
Here is her blog address   Simply Put Plus  - and here are some of the patterns I got. 

And with that I am going to sign off and get to sewing - something old or new not sure but sewing.  
Have a Blessed Day!

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