Thursday, May 25, 2017

Scrappy Repost

I am re-posting part of this to make it easier to see one of my Scrap quilts. 
Last Summer - I had a sandwich bag of these squares and was about to give them or throw them away and my Sister said they were the perfect colors for a table topper that she wanted to make for her friend.  So we put them a side and when she came in the winter.  December 16, 2016 through Jan 19, 2017.
I first blogged about it  HERE.  
Funny I didn't think we had enough so I cut some more white squares and now I still have scraps.  
We got the top done and and I started quilting it HERE.
And then I posted the finish HERE.   Which is pictured above. 
The final size of this ended up being around 48 x 65.   
I have not always been good about scrappy quilts - because I want them to match - but have found that you can match  your scraps and still make it scrappy.  
Next up to finish for scrappy and I will be linking it up later is another baggy of squares given to me a few years ago.  On November 19, 2016, I started piecing these squares together. So I just fit into the date range of the scrap challenge.  Now I need to finish them to link up. 
The scrap challenge is going on over at Persimon Dreams Blog Here.   
Have a blessed day!

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