Friday, June 9, 2017

UFO's Progress Report.

Little bits count right.  I've still got a couple weeks left - but I worked on Folk Ark Gathering and got a little bit done.  It's a little hard to see in this photo, however the angle at the top is only pinned in place and not stitched.  So I got that needle turn appliqued on.

I had the cat block done except stitching the wool down for the eyes so I did that. And started stitching the leaves on the heart block that I had assembled.  
There is a couple weeks left in the month, so I guess we'll see how much more I can get done on this.  

I have made a few additions and adjustments to the Bear Quilt UFO also.  I have made the stump and placed a little grass in front of it.  I have also cut the stop border that goes around it.  
It still needs a lot of work.  :)
But getting little bits done - baby steps to a finish. 
Have a blessed day! 


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