Thursday, June 8, 2017

What's Up?

It's been a fairly busy week around here - I really do get amazed how time flies.  
Friday I went to the cottage and we made more of the quilt bundles.  We're taking quilt tops that have been donated to the guild then measure and cut backing and batting and binding for them.  Put all of that together in a bundle.  We wanted to have them available for the last meeting which will be this month, in hopes that members can take them home to work on over the summer.  
Saturday I went to Lake Havasu City with a few friends.  We went to a quilt shop and then out to lunch.  
Sunday I worked on the In-box Jaunt quilt top and finished it. And got it sandwiched ready to go.  

 Then I started some blocks for my UFO - Folk Art Gathering. 
Monday - I did some house cleaning, made a stump for the bears, and we bought some groceries. 
I also worked more on the blocks for Folk Art Gathering.
Tuesday - I went and stitched with a few friends at the local quilt shop.  I've been working on the next "Bag Lady" - Buehla Jean. I don't do in any kind of order - just as it hits me. 
Yesterday - I worked more on prepping blocks for Folk Art Gathering.  I got these to the point that I can do hand stitching on them on Friday at the cottage.  The applique below is wool and I will be doing a blanket stitch around them.  

 The top block in the picture above is the block below.  It will have a man and a woman on it.  I will be needle turn appliquing them on.  Here is the woman's dress.  
I also made more grass for the bear quilt.  I want to put some in front of the stump. Although I have fused the branches and leaves to themselves and the grasses to themselves, I have not fused the trees, branches, leaves or grass to the background. 
I will keep adding to it and when I am satisfied I have enough - I will fuse it all together. Then I will need to do a lot of top stitching.  Did I mention a lot.  :).  
So - that's what I've been up to.  Today,  I want to fuse the grass together to go in front of the stump and make a few more little branches.  If there is still time available, I would like to start the first step in the free motion QAL, which is to "Stabilize" - AKA - Stitch in the ditch.
I will let you know how I do.  Hopefully sooner than this post.  
Have a great day - Be Blessed, 

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