Monday, September 11, 2017

Williams 2 - Bearizona

Day 2 of our Williams retreat was even better than the first. We said we were never leaving.  This day we not only get to sew, but we got to visit Bearizona. 

We took the bus so that we could get a little of the info on the animals as we went along.  I found out a few interesting facts I didn't know.  
As we were leaving to go there - we caught a glimpse of a deer next to her house.  Can you see it.
Now on to the bears
These were a couple of the junior bears - still very big to me.  They were the ones I could get the best picture of. Here are some of them sleeping.

This picture was cute the guide called out the bears name and he lifted his head. 
And here are some of the other animals I was able to get a decent picture of. 

Do you know why the have the hump on their back. It's an extra vertebrae and muscle to hold their heads up.  I could have swore that the guide said a full grown bison can have a head that weighs 400-600 pounds. But in trying to research that to verify I can not get an answer except that grown males can weight 2000#. The one and only reference I could find said 50-75#, big difference there. So I'll let you play with that and let me know if you find the answer. 

Now other than the bears which were plentiful and awesome -there was this Black Jaguar.  I learned a lot about it also. Did you know they have spots called Rosettes?  Look at this beauty. 
They said he was about 155 pounds.  
We had a nice lunch at the park before returning home to do more sewing.  
I finished my 4 Patch Poesy blocks and then started on my UFO Grandma's Attic.  
And yes I finished it.  Hard to get the colors right. 
We were full from lunch so waited a while for dinner, but when we did eat we had meatballs and Rotini with marinara. Have I told you we ate well.  :) I actually didn't finish the above until Thursday mid day.  We heading out in the morning to town.  We got to go to town 3 miles away in he "Mule". 
 We went to the hardware store, quilt store and a gift store, then picked up a couple groceries and came back home.  And yes we ate. We had some wonderful Chicken Salad in Lettuce boats. After I finished Grandma's Attic I started on this Moose Wall Hanging. 
My final project that I worked on was one of the Garden Patch Cats, called "Pod Cats".
Here is a peek at where I slept and a look down from my loft to where we were sewing.  Patty's machine is on far right Cheryl's is on the top of table and mine is at the bottom of picture.

Can you tell we totally took over her house. :)
Here are some pictures of the deer we could see from the dining room window. 

And one of the hummingbirds that came for a drink.
We had a wonderful time - and didn't want to leave. As we turned the corner onto the road away from our friends house - these two little ones were on the side of the road.  

Hope you all are having a nice day. 
Blessings - Lynn 

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