Saturday, June 6, 2015

Field Trip

I had a wonderful day - it was an adult field trip ha ha..   

I went to Rosemary's then Cheryl and Aggie picked us up and went to the quilt shop for "Strip Club" that was good. Then we left there and drove to Kingman and went to a new quilt shop that is up there.  Nice stuff - but I'm trying not to buy too much right now.  Then we went up into the mountains above Kingman to a resort to have lunch where we took a picture of all of us. 

 Here you go you can meet some of my friends.  Aggie is in front of me.  Behind me and continuing to the right  Patty, Karen, Barbara (behind Karen) Rosemary, Ronni, and Cheryl. 
So there is some of the gang I sew with and this is the crowd I sew with on the 3rd Saturdays, and some that I went to the retreat with last February.   
Then after lunch - we went to Barbara's house cause she is selling a long arm machine and Patti wanted to look at it and Cheryl was getting a hair cut cause Barbara is a Beautician.  So That also took a while so we all visited and hung out there. When I grow up I want to organize my sewing room like this lady.  Everything is in a project size bins - labeled, and in wooden shelves made especially for the project bins.  She has a huge table that her machine sets in so the sewing surface is the whole table.  Wow  it's awesome.  :)  
Anyway it was a not sewing day but a fun day and relaxing day.   I am so task oriented I don't always let myself relax and do stuff that doesn't have a purpose.  Today was one of those days and I actually let myself enjoy it and didn't once try to hurry it or look at the time.  

Hope your day was good too,
Have a Blessed day,

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