Saturday, June 27, 2015

Wrapping up

Well we've got some Birthdays going on. Today is my baby girl Chantaya's Birthday, she is 31 today - I had her when I was 8,  Ha Ha.   Here's both my girls - Birthday girl is on the left. This was taken at our going away party almost a year ago, that Chantaya was running around trying to get everything done.  And everybody was trying not to cry.

Then in a week, it will be my Dad's 80th birthday.  We will be traveling back to Oregon and celebrating that with him.  His birthday is on the 3rd, he always said he came out to see the fireworks.  We are having his party on the 4th so double celebration.

Here's my Daddy.  Last year right about the time I retired we went over to his place on the coast and met up with my Sister and Brother-in-law and put together a pre-fab shed for him.  this was taken after we got done.  

We are trying to get everyone in the family there to help celebrate his birthday.  Chantaya will be coming, but will not be able to bring her two children. We will miss them. :(  My Nephew and his wife will be coming too with their almost 3 year old twin daughters that Dad hasn't seen in person yet.  So that will be very special.  It's been over a year since I've seen them too so I'm sure that will be fun.  I made them little dresses with matching zippered purses and little pouch purses - I will be wrapping them up later.  

So I'm working at wrapping up presents, and wrapping up my goals for the month.  We'll be leaving in the next couple of days so need to wrap it all up and hit the road.  :)  
I'll be posting my finishes for June and then listing my goals for July - but since we won't be home until a few days into July I really need to make the list short.  We'll see how that goes - haven't done that yet.  :)  
 Have a blessed day - I'll be packing and cleaning and wrapping.  

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