Monday, June 1, 2015

Mystery Monday

I am not sure why I look forward to this so much - but it's just fun.  It's a mystery, the anticipation of a surprise - what's it going to be.  :)  Yup - it gets me every month.  

And as I draw out the anticipation for you......  You're saying alright already what was it.  Well I'm not telling - ha ha .   

Okay here you go.  - It's a  Table Runner with Cathedral Windows. They were so easy.  :)  

Mine was made out of batiks and I picked a couple of batiks out of my stash for backing and binding, but we'll see.  I'm planning on working on it tomorrow at Open Sew - that and more quilting on the baby quilt for my husbands golf buddy. 

And today was the day that they picked the random number for the 2015 UFO Busting from All People Quilts  so #6 picked and on my list that means -  "A Little Porch Time" Here is picture of the quilt.

I have the 1st section going down on the left done - house, flowers, and churn dash blocks. So I will continue on from there.  This is my UFO to make progress on this month.  I have been working on these projects on Fridays when I go to the cottage. 

Tomorrow I have open sew at the local quilt shop.  I want to finish my table runner from today and then work on the baby quilt.  I'll let you know how I do. :)


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