Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Today I was working undercover secret special agent type of work.  Okay quilts rarely solicit that type of security - but when you are making a special secret quilt for someone and you don't want it to get out - It's kinda James Bond like right?  LOL  Okay I don't think in a million years this person reads my blog and I don't have it linked to my face book so I don't know how it would possible get out or back to the person  BUT I don't want to take any chances.  So - all I can say is, I got together with a bunch of my quilt friends to make a quilt for someone (No I can't tell you who) and this is the quilt we are making - It will look similar to this - (lots of little squares) 

And we had fun, is that cool or what?   So I was there from about 10-4 and even though I wasn't working on my own stuff any day of sewing is a good day.  right?  
Tomorrow is an open sew workshop for the CRQ guild - but since I have and will be gone every day this week I might just stay home and try to do some sewing here.  Hmm we'll see.  
Friday is open sew at the cottage and Saturday I have the strip club at the quilt shop and then a few of us are going to lunch and see a new quilt shop that is in the area.  Fun Fun.

Thanks for stopping by - leave a comment if you can,  and have a blessed day -

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