Saturday, June 20, 2015

Little Purses

Today we had an open sew at the local quilt shop. We do this on the 3rd Saturday and have a potluck lunch.  This month we decided to make a coordinated effort and did a salad bar where everyone brought a couple things that would be on a salad bar.  It was very yummy and very filling.
I was going to work more on the Auction quilt but Sheri the shop owner had some ideas about some of the quilting and wanted me to wait until she could show me... however today she didn't come it only her husband - which never happens.  So I made little purses for my Great nieces.  And I think they turned out so so cute.  Annette the lady that owns the cottage showed me how to make them.

After I got done with these I started working a "Kimber Pillow"  A few of us re making some of these.   They are Bench Pillows and you make covers for each month that you can change and decorate with.  

This is the one I started today - 

I'm not going to put the words on I'm going to add a few fireworks or something instead.  Today I got the squares pieced and put on the back ground edges.  Then everybody started packing up - so I did too.
Tonight we are going to a Tanya Tucker concert at one of the local casinos.  So I guess that's all for now.
Thanks for Stopping by - Have a Blessed day.

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