Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Reflecting Pumpkins

Unscheduled, finished projects are always a bonus.  Even if they aren't a planned bonus project for the month in the goals list.  

I realized one of my friends birthday's is way closer than I knew or remembered.  So all the sudden I did the " what can I do? "  thought process.  After taking the etching class, I got the idea I could make her an etched mirror with the items I know she likes.  Her and I both like working with wool and like doing the primitive stuff.  So pumpkins, sunflowers and crows are the answer.  Here is what I came up with.  

It's hard to get a good picture of these mirrors, because you're trying not to get in the picture but get the detail too. 

I saw a picture in one of my primitive magazines that spurred this picture, however most of this I drew myself.  Which is an accomplishment because I was never an artist that way.  My Mom was an artist and could draw pretty much everything and paint it in any medium you could think of.  I can do the sewing and cooking and painting, my Mom could do, however, I didn't get the natural drawing talent.  But as I get a little older,  I am getting better. 

That was the majority of what I got done yesterday in the sewing room.  I did a little stitching on my UFO of the month "Henrietta  Whiskers"  while I watched TV.  I got 3 square in a square blocks done and 4 squares sewn in a row.  I'll be working on that more today I think and so I'll show more of that later.  

My Sister and Brother in Law are only here for 2 more days.  They will be leaving early Thursday morning so not sure if we will be doing something with them today or not.  I know we are going to dinner tomorrow - but we may be doing that today as well.  
Have a Blessed day doing something you want to do   Lynn

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