Monday, January 9, 2017

Route 66 - Oatman

Route 66 is an iconic part of the continental United States.  I wouldn't say everyone has heard about it but I'm sure a lot of people even ones that have never been on it - have heard of Route 66(Click on link to read more about it)

I would imagine that each state, and or each town in each state that the highway runs through has their own little claim to history.  For us in our little corner of Arizona, we have Oatman.  Oatman, AZ  (Click on link to read more about it)  is an old mining town that has turned into a tourist attraction for persons traveling and vacationing on this area of Laughlin, NV and Bullhead City, AZ on the Colorado River.  

So it's only fitting that we take our family and friends to Oatman.  Oatman was also the Honeymoon location for Clark Gable and Carole Lombard in 1939.  It's sad to think about the fact they supposedly had such a great love and it was cut so short by her tragic death.  

This from my friend Wikipedia:
According to the Hotel on March 29, 1939 Clark Gable and Carole Lombard spent their wedding night there after having been married in Kingman, Arizona. Remembering this memorable night, the couple often returned to the hotel for the peace and solitude it afforded them. Clark was known to spend many a night playing poker with some of the miners.  Sadly, Carole Lombard was killed in a plane crash in January 1942. Though devastated, Clark continued with his life and his career and later married again.

You can read the whole article and more about Oatman here.    

A short visit and tourist attraction that you see today while visiting does not give you the depth of the towns history but is still fun with the many burro's that roam freely and the many shops selling souvenirs for both Route 66, and Oatman.  They also host a short western gun fight a couple times a day.  

Here are some of our pictures that we took on this visit. 

See the little sticker on the head of the burro on in the picture on the right?  It says please don't feed me carrots.  These were on all the babies as they aren't ready for hard food yet.  
They do have hay pellet clumps you can buy to feed the adult burros. 

The gun fight ->  

Below - Sis taking some pictures.

 The weather was great.  It was very sunny - but a little cool when the wind picked up - all in all a great little outing.
We ended the day by coming back into town and stopping at Bubba Gumps for dinner.  I of course had the jambalaya as did my Sister.  The guys both had fish and chips.  
I love that stuff.  I even eat the shrimp it's so good and I don't like anything fishy except tuna.  
Well that's it for now.  Stay tuned as i will be showing more of our sewing projects soon. 
Have a Blessed day!

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