Wednesday, December 23, 2015

An Archive and a Start

First off I want to link up to Tuesday Archives with my Christmas Quilt.

I made this little Doll Quilt back in 2013 for a swap and it went to Paula in Switzerland.

I had a lot of fun making it and if I remember right - she liked it too. 

Then the Start of the post 

I didn't get as much done as I would have liked to yesterday.  Several things contributed to that as I will share of course.  But the wonderful thing is - that's okay - I don't have a deadline for any of this I'm doing it because I want to.

I went to Open Sew at the quilt shop and got there about 9 am.  I had plans to go to lunch with a couple of my friends that also go to the open sew on Tuesdays and they like to go at noon, that only left me about 3 hours to  - set up, pack up and do what ever I'm going to do.

Next - the directions I had for the mixer cover were a little confusing to me - so I had to text my Sister several times to get additional measurements of her Kitchen Aid Mixer.

Then I wanted to make a sample, because I had limited feature fabric and figured I could use the sample myself.  Winner winner chicken dinner right?

Okay here's what I got done in my 3 short hours.  Not to bad.  This one doesn't have batting in it and my mixer is a little smaller than hers measured, but I think it will work.

Today has been  a non sewing day - we've had errands to run and things to do.  So I'll do a little embroidery as I'm watching some TV and then call it a night.  I'm hoping to be able to work on the mixer cover some more tomorrow.  

Have a Blessed evening - 

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