Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Start up the Mixer

Yesterday I got the little doll bag done with the quilt and blanket.

I really love this method in the little quilt. I can make it into a cathedral window if I want by pulling in the edges of the center block before sewing it down.  This block only requires 3 seams.  Isn't that great.  It has become my go to for the little doll quilts.  I then pillow them instead of binding them and "ta dah" I have a doll quilt in  a snap.
Here she is:  

Today I want to "start up the mixer" - cover that is.  Aren't  I just so whitey this early in the morning?  It is for my Sister.  Have I shown you the fabric I'm using, yeah I think I have but it's so cute.  Yes I/we love little sheep things.  I want to make it reversible so that she can display both materials.  

Since I barely have enough of each of the fabrics, I think I'll make a sample out of some other fabric first.   Hey then I'll have a cover for my mixer too.  I'm going to use some scraps of bell pepper fabric a friend gave me for mine - I mean the sample.  Ha ha.
Well that's the plan anyway.   I agreed to go to lunch with the girls after Open sew and they usually like to go early so sewing time will be cut a little shorter - I'm hoping to get a sample made and start on the real one - we'll see how it goes.
Have a Blessed day. 

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