Thursday, December 3, 2015

Chickens and a Dollie

Tuesday I brought Sheri her doll bag and she was so pleased with it.  Her mother was so excited about it that Sheri secretly asked me to make one for her Mom.  (In Blue)  She was asking her Mom what color she like and her Mom said Blue.  Sheri asked what color of blue - she said didn't matter.  So I figure any blue will do.
For Open Sew - I took my chicken wall hanging to be quilted it and added the binding to it.  I was able to finish the hand stitching of the binding of it on Tuesday evening, so it is all ready to go.

On Wednesday we went to Lake Havasu City to pick up my husbands golf clubs since he had them re-gripped.  We made a day of it having breakfast out and then to the golf store and we stopped by Hobby Lobby (I've never been to one before)  That was so sweet.  Then we stopped and got groceries on the way home.  It ended up being a very full day.  

Today I worked on the Blue doll bag and was happy I was able to complete the whole thing that way I can drop it off on my way to the cottage tomorrow.  
I think it turned out very nicely and because she likes the outfits so much I added an extra nitie and bonnet.  

Bag, Blanket, Pillow, Quilt, 2 Night gowns and Bonnets, Dress with Bonnet, and Jump Suit.  

Lighting on the picture is not wonderful but I was happy how it all turned out. It's kind of a Raggedy Ann material.  
Tomorrow while at the Cottage I'm going to work on the edging of the Bethlehem wall hanging.  I will be blanket stitching it to the backing and then adding hanging straps on the top.  

That's about all for me. 
Hope you have a Blessed day.  


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