Monday, December 21, 2015

Little Clothes

A quick little update:  Yesterday I got everything cut out for the new Doll in a Bag that I needed to do.   Then I figured I would start with the harder parts of stuff first - the clothes.  Kinda like eating your undesirable veggies before eating the yummy potatoes and gravy.   Anyway I didn't get into the sewing room until after 1 pm and by the time I cleaned things up from my my last project it was a little after 2 pm.  Then I started cutting out what I needed for blanket, quilt, pillow case, dress, night gown and bonnets.  By this time it is about 3 pm.  Sometimes I do like to time myself because it's a bit of a reality check on how much I can get done - or not.   I often over estimate how much I can get done and then feel pressured or get disappointed when I can't keep up.  So I think for me these little timing exercises could actually help me in not over booking myself.  :)

Okay so now that I've led you through the garden - lol - I sewed what I could and finally stopped at 5:30 last night. So in 2 1/2 hrs I was able to make a pillow case, a night gown with bonnet, and a dress with bonnet.

Today I will do my walk with my honey, have lunch and then get at it again.  I have the bag, blanket and quilt cut out - except the batting and back for the little quilt.  So I will get that finished up.  I'm actually eager to see how long that part takes me.  This will be helpful to in making additional bags for the quilt show boutique.  I'll show pictures and let you know how long it takes. 

Hope you have a blessed day - 

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