Sunday, December 27, 2015

Whip it up

I wanted to title this "Whip it Good" like the 80's song, but was a little concerned about what kind of traffic my blog would attract.  Lol.

Okay one of my goals of the month was to start the mixer cover for my Sister.  And at one point was not even sure I was going to be able to start it because I needed some additional measurements from my Sis. Then when I was at the point that I was happy I didn't have the measurements, low and behold I get a text - Hey by the way here's my measurements - Dang can't use that as an excuse.  LOL
So I'm back to the - okay I said "Start"  So even if I just cut something out - that's a start.  Like how I work that?  Again, my blog, by rules.  ha ha
So last Tuesday I took it to the Open Sew and boy oh boy I was having trouble - the pattern was confusing and I had to request even more measurements.  You can read about that here.

I knew that by making this reversible I would need to bind the arch on the ends as well at the bottom so I picked out the red I wanted to use to bind it with.

Then I had to decide which side I wanted the red binding to be on and which side would just have the sewn side. 
I quilted the two end pieces together for each end.  And then quilted both pieces of the main body fabric together.  I thought about Free Motion Quilting some kind of design, but the fabric is so busy It wouldn't show. And if you quilted to the design on one side it wouldn't match the other side so I thought straight lines where a safe option. 
Then I had to bend the straight fabric around the ends.  I'm not a huge pin user - but more and more as I'm working on these smaller projects I am finding the use of pinning needed.

Then after I got the ends on it was time to put the binding around the arches of the ends.  This had to be done and the hand stitching done before I could attach the binding around the bottom.  Once the ends were done I attached to the bottom and did the hand stitching on it.  This is the final step.   Whhaaat - Am I almost done with my "I just need to start"  project?   :)  

Why Yes - YES I AM!  

Here is Side One

And here is side two!  

I chose the darker side to have the red binding on it because it had less red than the other side.  That way they both have some red on them.  Her Kitchen is Red, Black and White, so it will match great.
I texted some pictures to my Sis last night and she said she loved it.  Score!

Today we're going to take our walk and then I'm going to work on the bear for the bear quilt.  I have the head done.  
and the body done - 

 I now have the arms, legs and  paws left on this first one.  Then I'll need to start tracing the next bear.  I don't think I want to do the background or the over lapping branches until I get both bears done, that way I'll know what spacing I want and what I'll need to fill in.  That's my plan now - we'll see how it works out.   

Hope you get to work on something you want today - Blessings, Lynn 

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