Sunday, August 21, 2016

Getting There

Oh so close.... It just needs the last border. Yay!  
Here is where I stopped for the day and where I'll pick up tomorrow morning. 

As I got to this point - the itch to rearrange my sewing room again flaired.  I have discovered that even though I am starting to build my design wall - 
1. It's not big enough .... 
2. I can't back up enough in the spot it is at to take a picure of it.  

So as I said the rearranging bug is on fire.   BUT - WAIT ..... I must stay focused for a little bit longer and get that last border on, then I can rearrange quickly so I can properly hang and photo my finish.  :) 
I'll check in soon and let you know what all I get done on it. 
Blessings,   Lynn 

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