Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Peaceful Holiday

It feels like it has been a little slow going on this BOM "Peaceful Holiday" by Jason Yenter that I'm teaching.  I am still working to get the top put together,  It took me a couple different days to get all of these square in a square flying geese units together. 

Here's where they started..... my little cut pieces

They became these.

All my little trimmings

And then,  they became these - 

And this will become the borders around the center block. 

I also got the green and white corner blocks done.  They are part paper pieced and part regular piecing. 

Once I finally got that done - I started cutting out the next months section.   It will be the train tracks and tunnels and the houses.  It took me a whole day just to do the cutting - Whew.   

Yesterday - despite a few interruptions, I did make a little progress.  My train track, tunnel backgrounds are done.  The trains, however don't get done until session 4.  

Today I'll be working on the rest of session 3 which is piecing the houses together.   
Well I better get at it - I'll let you know how I do. 
Blessings - Lynn 

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