Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Tuesday Take Two

For the last couple of days I've been working on my UFO for the month - "Wool Crazy" that I started several years ago - hence UFO.  I forgot how much I enjoyed this.  Funny these projects get put away and then we pull them back out and have fun with them - And wonder why they got put aside  but new things come along and we go "oh shiney thing"  ha ha  
So here's some progress I've been making.  

There are lots of french/colonial knots - but It was fun decorating my fence.  

Because I was working so hard to get the quilt top done for Peacefull Holiday I didn't get a chance to pull this out until the last couple of days so I'm kind of hoping that it comes up as my UFO for next month as well.  

I've also been putting together some Scavenger Hunt blocks.  They are fused but still need to be top stitched. 

Hard to see because the stitching isn't done yet however it is a girl holding a "Hankie",  and a "Spool of Thread" and standing on a "Plaid" rug.   


Next is a basket of "Apples" with the "Roman Numeral 9" on it all on fabric that has "Dragon Flies" on it.  

And for the last of the 10 Scavenger Hunt Blocks - "Zig Zag - Sewing Tool or Notion and Acorns"  

Friday night we had major thunderstorms (which I love) and lightening and rain.  :)  This storm however lasted a little longer than they normally do and some places got hit pretty hard.  That being said, the quilt shop where I was going to teach the 2nd installment of Peacefull Holiday did not have power so our class was rescheduled for today.   Good news is - I'm all ready to go.  

I only have a couple of days to finish my goals up for the month and I have feeling..... I am going to be a little shy of making them.  And since I will be gone for a few hours today doing the class - I'm sure I'm going to be short.  

That's okay, I've have fun stitching and playing and that's all that matters. 

Have a blessed day - Lynn 

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