Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Houses and a Turtle

I have been working on a little tiny embroidery since we were on vacation.  But at the end of the evening when I normally do my embroidery - I've been tired and haven't gotten much done.  Finally last night I finished it and will be able to start catching up on my Bee-Utiful blocks.   Here's the Turtle.

Then today I worked on the House blocks for the Peaceful Holiday Quilt. 

This will become the chimney.  

Here are the 6 narrow houses 

Here are all the houses stacked up.  

And here are the house strips 2 at a time.  

The top left pictured below is the church. 

All of the houses will be getting window's and doors appliqued on them.  That along with the trains will be the next session and what I will hopefully be working on tomorrow.   I say hopefully cause Hubby said something about going to the lake to swim so I guess we'll see.  

Happy about the progress I'm making 
Have a Blessed Day! 

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