Sunday, August 21, 2016

Weekly Recap

If I had posted each day - it might have been a little more exciting, but as I look over our last week- I can also see why I didn't post each day.  LOL.  

There has been Some cleaning - 

Wish I looked like this when I clean - it's way different.  :)

And some Cooking - 

 and more cooking and more cleaning and errands and blah blah blah. 

Monday - I worked on the Block of the month doing the rest of the fusing of the applique.  

Tuesday -  We had lunch with some friends at the neighborhood Mexican Restarant "Taco Tuesday" $1.00 Taco's.  Then we took a drive to Lake Havasu to see our other friends, and by the time we visited and started home it was dinner time so we stopped along the way at a little casino had a nacho and played a little bit and so when we got home it was pretty late.  

Wednesday - Hubby golfed again and I did quite a bit of cleaning, then got things ready for a nice meal and by the time I did all that I wasn't sure if I wanted to sew or not but did get going on the top stitching of the block of the month and was able to get a fair amount of it done on the house blocks.  

Thursday - Hubby had a follow up Dr. Appointment early so we did that and then we took me to breakfast.  When we got done with that I had a bunch of errands to run for the upcoming weekend.  When we got home I needed to look up a pattern for a class I was teaching and tore thru my sewing room trying to find that.  Hmmm I hate when that happens.  Finally found it and figured I'd start getting things ready for the next couple of days.  We were having another two day at the Cottage.  So I started pulling stuff together that I wanted to work on and you would have thought I was going to be gone a week.  ha ha.  

Friday - At the cottage - I put borders on and quilted the little wall hanging for our October workshop.  Just need to hand stitch the binding. 

Then I started working on my Row by Row kit from "The Christmas Goose" in Las Vegas.   
Isn't it cute? 

Saturday - We made a notebook cover - which took me way too long. ha ha Then I started working on the Row by Row kit again.   I have all my little pieces fused and ready to cut out.

 We had lots of fun visiting, eating and doing some sewing.  :)  Kinda like a mini retreat. 
Well Today is another day - I want to get back on the block of the month and see if I can get it finished.  I need to finish the topstitching and then assemble.  I'll let you know how it goes. 
Blessings,   Lynn 

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