Monday, August 1, 2016

July Progress and August Goals

Well How did I do? 

July Goals

I was on Vacation - can you call it that when you are retired?  Anyway I was gone 12 days almost half a month and it does show a little in my progress this month.  :)

1.  Make another Scavenger Hunt Block.  July's Clues were:  Flip Flops, Thimble and Polka Dots. I have all kinds of Polka Dot fabric and a couple different pieces of flip flop fabric so I'll have to see what I can come up with.   Complete 

2.  Buttermilk Basin BOM -   Finish the S Block and Prep the N Block when it comes out.  Complete

3.  Bee-Utiful BOW.  At 2 blocks a week that means I will be getting blocks 6-15 there are 5 Friday's this month.  Since I will be gone for two of those Fridays, I fear I'll be getting behind.  So I will say that out of 10 possible blocks I need to have 6 of the 10 blocks done and the rest prepped.  (Yikes) 
*** UPDATE***  I was wrong about the release of the blocks on the Bee-Utiful BOW - they are released 2 per every 8 days.   So this will work so that there are only 8 blocks this month.   Updated Goal - all Blocks Prepped and 6 completed.

Only 1/2 Completed.  All Prepped - Only 2 done.

Bee Sweet  Block 6

Block 7  Bee Charming
Blocks 8 and 9  Bee Simple and Bee Fruitful

Blocks 10 and 11 Bee Kind and Bee Industrioud

Block 12 Bee Grateful
Block 13 Bee Romantic 

 They are ready to go when I can get to them.  

4.  Farmhouse Threads  Mystery BOW. 5 Blocks (#3-7) so I my goal is to have 4 done and 2 prepped.  This includes finishing block #2.    

1/2 done - All are prepped - need to be stitched.  

Block 1 and 2 Completed

Block 3 Prepped

Block 4a and 4b Prepped. 
(I traced the wrong sheet so I now have it in two sizes.  I will use the small one to do a pillow or something.)

Block 5 Prepped

Block 6 Prepped

Block 7 Prepped 
(Isn't it adorable) 

Again - they're all ready when I can get to them.  

5.  UFO Buster # 4   It ends up being the Christmas Quilt again.    :)   
Beginning Status:   

 As always the goal is to make progress.     Complete.  
My Progress on this quilt this month really mostly consisted of prepping new blocks. But they will be ready to pick up next time I work on it so that is good and yes I did make progress.  

6.  Binding.  I've done good on my quilting goals - now I need to get all of the hand sewing of the binding done.  With all these BOW and BOM's I now have lots and lots of hand work.  Train Quilt, Bee Hive Wall Hanging, and Charity Quilt binding needs to be finished.  

All Complete.

Caleb and his Quilt.  
Bee Hive Wall hanging

Charity Quilt 

7.  Blog Minimum of 6 times.   Complete

Bonus Points   - No Progress 

Bonus #1.   Quilt one of my flimsies - Bee Hive Baby   
Bonus #2.   Quilt another charity quilt.
Bonus #3.   Continue with Gift making.  

No Points for this  - However there is a very large  "Not Planned"  Item that came about this month.   
Peaceful Holiday by Jason Yenter   My original post about it is here.

I was mistaken she is offering it in both colorways however I was given the white to make for the shop sample.  Above is the center block. 

The month was very busy with our travels - but oh so fun.  So happy to spend the wonderful time with our family and friends. 
And now it is time to do some planning for our next month.  

August Goals

1.  Scavenger Block(s):

August - Something Plaid - Spool of Thread - Hankercheif 
September - Appple - Roman Numeral 9 - Dragon Fly
October - Zig Zag - Acorn - Sewing Notion or Tool 

Goal:  Do the August Block.  Bonus Points if I do more.

2.  Buttermilk Basin:  Finish "N" Block and Prep "O" Block when it comes out. 

3.  Bee-Utiful QAL - 

I have 6 blocks prepped that need to be stitched - Pictured above.  

 There will be 7 new blocks that come out in August.  
      Goal: Prep blocks 14-20 and have 6 blocks stitched. 

4.  Farmhouse Threads  "Harvest Mystery"  I have blocks 1 and 2 completed -Pictured above. I have blocks 3-7 Prepped - Pictured Above.  There will be 4 more blocks in August.  
      Goal: Prep the 4 new blocks.  

5.  APQ UFO Buster # 6 - Wool Crazy and Wool Ark Crazy
Beginning Status - 
There is still so much to work on here.  The stitching between the blocks, around the appliques and more appliques added.   

Wool Ark Crazy - I have all the background put together.  The next step will be to do the crazy stitches around each block and then start adding the animals - 2 x 2.  
                   Goal:  Make Progress 

 6.  Peaceful Holiday - Pictured Above - Goal:  Finish the top! 

Since #6 is my major priority I am trying to keep the rest of my list a little on the lighter side. Once I get the top done I will concentrate on catching up all the other blocks. 


B1 - Extra Scavenger Blocks

B2 - Stitch more than 6 Bee-Utiful Blocks

B3 - Stitch some of the Farmhouse Blocks

B4 - SNR Guild Monthly Projects. I have 3 Items I need to create. I have  part of it designed just need create it.    

Well I think this is more than enough.   As always I will keep you posted on my progress.  
Have a Blessed day - Lynn   

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